Watch out for a horse hard at work in Coldfall from around the 29th of January onwards.


Coppicing with the aid of horses will soon take place in Coldfall Wood.

The plan is to coppice some trees in one area of the wood, and to take out a few trees, mostly oaks and hornbeams, each side of the east-west path through the wood. The aim is to let in more light along the middle path where the trees are currently too crowded. Coppicing reduces the density of trees in the wood to let in light, the trees will soon re-grow to produce new stems.

Woodland Management

This traditional method of woodland management creates more diverse habitats, promoting healthy hornbeams and allowing woodland plants to flourish. The coppicing that has being carries out in Coldfall Wood over recent years has increased the biodiversity flora and fauna considerably, as you can see from the records on this website.

Working with horses

Horses were used in the past as they are far less destructive to woodland than machines and can reach areas of woodland that vehicles can’t. So we have a beautiful horse coming in to help out.
During the work in Coldfall Woods, a horse will move most of the felled wood towards Creighton Avenue and some towards the fields for access to it there.

Charcoal burning

Some of the timber will be allowed to dry ready for charcoal-burning in a future open event. So watch this space!

Volunteers needed

If anyone is interested in helping, volunteers will be welcome. Please email us and we will put you in touch with the organiser.


Work is scheduled to start on 29th January, weather permitting.

Follow this link for more images and videos of the horses currently at work in Queens Wood:

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